Create IRT innovations that address the challenges of an aging, low birthrate society

To solve the challenges of an aging, low birthrate society, which Japan is at the vanguard of tackling, and to develop new robot industries that promise to be key industries in the example of the automotive and computer industries which have served as engines of Japan's prosperity, the University of Tokyo has established the Center for IRT. This center is well-equipped with knowledge, personnel, and facility to move confidently ahead with the creation of innovation.

Achieve a model in academic-industrial partnership that conquers the “Valley of Death” by creating equal partnerships between the University and industry from the first stages of research

By having academic-industrial cooperation from the basic research phase with a firm focus on the exit to industry, we seek to conquer the “Valley of Death” as a program of the Special Coordination Funds for the development of advanced technologies. Under the leadership of the University president, we will tackle the necessary structural reforms and create a new model in academic-industrial partnership that places the University and businesses on equal footing.

Foster scientists and engineers with outstanding problem-solving abilities by uniting segmented specialized fields

We will place young researchers who have completed their doctorates at the heart of our projects. By uniting segmented and increasingly complex academic fields, and by carrying out projects that incorporate knowledge necessary for commercialization and productization, we seek to foster scientists and engineers equipped with high-level abilities necessary to solve problems.