Title: IRT Services in Aging Society

- Martin Buss Technische Universitat Munchen
- Henrik Christensen Georgia Institute of Technology
- Yoshihiko Nakamura University of Tokyo

Objective and Topics:
The world is facing a drastic change in demography. Technologies to support quality of life and to maintain social and productive activities of everyday and everybody are most demanded for the sustainability of the society. Being motivated by human physical functionality, robotics has developped the foundation of dexterous mechanisms, reliable sensing systems, and intelligent computational algorithms. The recent technology even sets a goal on anthropomorphic robots. Focussing technology on various applications of robot services and preparing for the demographic change would be timely and of interests for scientists of research institutions, engineers of industries,
and students. The govenmental initiatives have recently started in the US, EU, and Japan. In this workshop, the leading researchers in the fields will exchange their scopes, activities, and most recent developments and open discussions to the participants.

Intended Audience:
Scientists of research institutions,
Engineers of industries,
Graduate students,
who are intersted in the service technologies and applications of human daily activities.

List of Speakers (confirmed):
- Michael Beetz Technische Universitaet Muenchen
- Henrik Christensen Georgia Institute of Technology
- Kerstin Dautenhahn University of Herfortshire
- Masayuki Inaba University of Tokyo
- Takeo Kanade Carnegie Mellon University
- Tim Lueth Technische Universitat Munchen
- Maja Mataric University of Southern California
- Tomomasa Sato University of Tokyo
- Isao Shimoyama University of Tokyo

Organizers and Speakers

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